Life's great journey is made up of day by day delights.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Out with the old, in with the new.

For almost a year now, I have grown out my hair for the wedding. It grew. And grew. AND GREW. It grew so much that I began to wonder what was going on in there! It felt so heavy and unmanageable and as if it had it's own little world merrily going about its business. And so you can better understand the way my spazzy brain works, I totally just imagined an actual hair village with little people living in it. Little hair families, with hair houses, and hair cars. Maybe a hair pet or two?......Weird? Moving on. I had complained about the long locks for a few months before the wedding because it felt like it was consuming my life. Last week it literally took 20+ minutes to dry it. When that happened I knew it was time...
Well finally the day came to where I could get it cut and let me tell you! It got CUT! I am posting a before and after pic just to give an idea. It's kind of hard to see how long it had gotten. It was about the middle of my back. NOW...well now, it's a different story. My hair barely sits above my shoulders.
I L-O-V-E it but must admit I had regretted the chop choice after the fact because I thought that Hubby wouldn't be as impressed as I was. He knew I was getting it cut but I never went into detail about how short the new 'do would be. The closer I got home that night the more nervous I became. Finally I pull up. I sit there fully knowing I could not spend all night in my car. I open the car door and put one foot on the ground. Then the next. Before I knew it I was at our front door. I slowly opened it expecting to see Eric's face change from a fresh peach tone to ghostly white in seconds..............we made eye contact. Then he spoke, "I LOVE IT!!!" I thought to myself, "Wait a second....there was no awkward silence. There was no horrified scream. He didn't give himself time to think of a compliment for a hair cut he hates. Is it possible??? He likes it. He really likes it!!!"  It took me a minute to pull myself back together. As you can imagine, the stress of his hypothetical digust really took it's toll on me. Before I knew it, I was in his strong arms receiving hugs and kisses and praises of the new hair cut! And to show me how happy he was he took me to get ice cream at a fabulous little, local place called "Mrs. Curls." I knew I married him for a reason! ;-)
And now to end the suspense....I give you....PICTURES!!!
A fairly awful picture of myself but showing the length somewhat.


Goodbye hair village!
Ignore the face, notice the cut.

I definitely felt it was time for the change. I thought there wasn't a better time than now. I mean everything else has changed and is new for me so why not new hair?? WHAT A DELIGHT! :-)

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A whole new world...and a long blog.

Here are some thoughts:
In the past year, especially the past month, I feel as if I have entered a whole new world. I guess in a sense I have. A month ago, I wasn't married. I had a different name, a different home, and a different sense of who I was. I have a whole new identity now. I am now a "Mrs." I now call some place different "home." This journey so far has been amazingly eye opening and I feel like I know now, more than ever, who I am. It's exhilarating!!!

But I must admit, it's a little scary too. I have different, slightly unfamiliar responsibilities that in my "past life", if you will, I never had to carry. As exciting as it is there is still this underlying fear that I will mess it all up. Whether it be from burning a meal to bleaching everything white in the laundry to going over budget or not being "enough." Don't misunderstand me, Eric is amazing and so incredibly encouraging. It's almost as if in his eyes, I can do no wrong. But I'm more aware of my own faults than to believe that. I've always felt the need to be a perfectionist and have thought to myself , "I need to do things right the first time. There can be no mistakes or else everyone will think I'm completely inept. That I'm not worthy of handling the task in front of me. I can't be percieved as weak." I suppose having that mentality is not fair to myself, though. Or to Eric. I mean, what would he think if I just broke down one day crying my eyes out because I couldn't make a perfect bundt cake??? He would think he had married a looney. And maybe he did but he doesn't need to know that so early into the marriage. ;-) So I will move on, face the challenges, learn from my mistakes, and enjoy all of the moments that make being a newlywed so special!

Here are some updates in the world of this new wife:

*Eric and I had a beyond amazing wedding and honeymoon. We could not have asked for a better time.
*I cried like a baby the first night at the house because it hit me that I am a big girl now and can't go running to my parents to protect me like they have always done. But Eric was there with his strong arms to hold me and to tell me it would be ok.
*Still haven't completed the full name change process but we are almost there. YIPEE!
*I am LOVING being a wife. I love doing laundry, cooking meals, and organizing our home to be a perfect fit for us. I'm sure that will change down the road but for now....MORE PLEASE!
*I really do love the cooking. One website that has made it not only possible for me to make yummy meals but also help keep me within a good budget has been
I highly recommend this site!!!
*I absolutely LOVE waking up next to Eric. When he wakes up he instantly holds me up and kisses me and we just lay there in bed, enjoying one another before the hustle and bustle of life steals us away from one another.
*Another reason I love sleeping with him is because he talks in his sleep and will actually respond back to me when I talk to him. It's a hoot to here the things he says. Just the other day he asked me, "WHY ARE THERE SOOOO MANY BLACK THINGS? WHY ARE THERE SO MANY BLACK RINGS? WHY ARE THERE SO MANY WIRES EVERYWHERE? THEY ARE EVERYWHERE!" and then when I kept responding with "Huh??" he got mad and huffed and puffed then said, "Nevermind."  He doesn't remember any of that. haha
*We have so much fun just making eachother laugh.  :-)
*When I first moved in, I took a shower. Apparently his shower is different than the one at my parents house because when I got out there was water EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!!!!! All over the floor.
*One day while making cheesy chicken I was pounding a breast of chicken with a meat tenderizer (sp?) and apparently hammered a little too hard. Chicken juice went flying into my left eye. YUCK.

Just had to share! Off to enjoy life! :-)