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Monday, December 6, 2010

Pulling some skeletons out of the closet.

Yep, that's right!.......well not quite skeletons as much as mounds of clothes! haha But I am definitely putting it all out there and I figure now is as good a time as any to admit my addiction. I'm addicted to.......(sigh)........clothes. THERE! I SAID IT!!!
When I moved into Eric's house once we got married, I tried (key word) to be as organized as possible. I am not a messy person. I'm a little ocd about everything actually. "Clean the house obsessively, color code folders, put things in alphabetical order" kind of ocd. But somehow in the rush of trying to make the house look perfect while loading my belongings into the house and juggling every day life, I became overwhelmed and shoved clothes and shoes in a small, random closet in our bedroom....and really anywhere else I could find room. Slowly but surely the pile of mayhem grew and grew and GREW! This tends to be the pattern in my life when it comes to my clothes, Who knows why! My life is constantly going so I never tried to tackle the problem. I hate starting a project and not finishing it or waiting on it so I just acted like this problem didn't even exist. If people came over and I gave them the "grand tour" I avoided that closet. Not like I will showcase it's just a closet. But now it's a clutter-free closet which makes me feel so much more peaceful in the house. This morning I woke up determind to kill the messy monster and I WON! (Depends on your definition of "won" I suppose....a victory is a victory to me.) I took out all of the summer clothes and the winter clothes still boxed up, all of the shoes, etc. I then did the same to the dresser and the other random closet (our house is full of EXTREMELY random and difficult storage spaces). Now I just need to get those silly spring and summer clothes out of the hall and into the attic. That's where Eric comes into play. I refuse to go into the attic. It's way up high and dark and cold and scary. Who knows what's living in there! I, for one, am not about to find out! Now for pictures......I'm not proud of this....
WARNING! WARNING! The pictures you are about to see exhibit an unmade bed (gasp!), a crazy, messy pile of shirts, skirts, and shoes, and other items that are unknown even to me. BE PREPARED! If shock sets in....well......I warned you. :-)
Top of Clothes Mtn. being carelessly tossed onto unmade bed in a desperate attempt to make order.

....yeeeeah. That bad.

Closet 2: This picture does not even fully depict what was going on in here. There were clothes and books on the floor, hangers dangerously shooting out ready to stab the unaware eye of yours truly, and purses barely on the shelves.

Attention ladies! This is what hastiness gets you. I can't even identify some of the stuff in this shot. haha

Ah! Sweet order.

What? I love shoes. You didn't even see the shoe rack on the back of my door. Don't judge me. haha

Ok, it may not look like it but this is totally organized! Everything is in it's place. It's driving me crazy that it's not color organized but sometimes I have to let these ocd tendencies rest. Let me tell you, though! I can walk in there now!! And there are no death instruments (hangers) ready to attack!

I can see exactly what I have now. Oh! but only with the flash of the camera. No light in there.....weird house.

Clothes waiting to be hauled up to the attic of scary darkness. Bottom tub is full of shoes alone (flip flops mostly). Yes, I know the clothes are not folded and put away nicely. They are shoved in there. This is the result of a woman crazed and overwhelmed by mayhem everywhere! I'll regret it in the spring but whatever! OUT OF SIGHT,OUT OF MIND! haha

Please tell me I am not the only woman out there that has had this problem! Share your stories with me! :-)

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