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Friday, May 11, 2012

May Birch Box

I have to tell you about my latest love!!! And let me first say, I must give credit where credit is due...My friend, Ashley, introduced me to the thing that makes my heart skip a beat...BIRCH BOX, BABY!!! What is Birch Box, you may ask, and why does it have me all weak in the knees? is a site that encompasses all that is good and right in the beauty world. For a small monthly fee, they send you samples of some of the latest beauty products out there. It comes in a cute box, once a month, packed full of awesomeness. Reasons #1, 2, , 3, 4 AND 5 why I love Birch Box are listed below...take a gander!
1. Every box has a different theme for each month. This is a great way to keep things fresh, keep the element of surprise alive, and make you see beauty products in a new light. Make-up use doesn't have to be routine and my opinion is that this site does a great job of, ironically, thinking outside of the box.
2. The description card is jam packed with info. Each box comes with a card explaining the theme and then on the flipside gives you a fun description of each product.
3. They make quality beauty brands accessible. Sometimes a girl  just doesn't have time to hit the nearest beauty supply store or to browse page after page of products online. On each card, along with the description, they list the price of a regular sized product, how many normally comes in the products package, and where to find it on their site. Easy, peasy!
4. POINTS! Imagine they send you a perfume you absolutely love and can't live without....go to their site, buy that product, EARN POINTS! Points then translate to money which can be used towards an order.
5. Birch Box makes your box work for you! In the setup process, they have questions designed to make sure your box is going to be full of products that you can actually use. For example, they ask about your skin type, hair type, and just overall personal preferences. P.S. You can change any of those preferences on your account at any time. Their site is also full of beauty tips and tutorial videos as well. Really, I could go on and on. Obviously....ahem.

So that's it....that's my story. The End. Wait, you want to know what came in my May Box? ;-)

Ok, so it doesn't look like a lot but really for $10, I can't complain. ESPECIALLY considering the nail polish is normally $8 by itself. The theme was Gossip Girl and while I am not a regular viewer of the show, I feel like I could be a New York socialite with this swag. Here is a rundown of the goodies I got:

* Arquiste L'Etrog = A fancy pants perfume that smells amazing. Hubs smelled it and fell in love.
* Beauty Blender/ blender cleanser = A formula that cleans your make-up sponges and brushes. So important!
* Color Club/ Nail Polish in Disco Nap = Ok, I'm not always a golden girl (haha) but this polish is blow your mind beautiful! I think I am going to slap on a coat before work today.
*Dr. Jart +/ Waterfuse BB Cream = I keep hearing about BB cream and have had no idea what it is till now. It's a combination of moisturizer, skin perfecting tint, suncreen, and serum. As described on the card, it is the "Swiss Army Knife of your beauty lineup."
*twistband/ Skinny headband = Just as it sounds, a headband. Although my hair is thick, it is fine so things like this tend to slide out of my hair. Let me just say that I slept in it last night and it barely moved! MAGIC!

I know this was a long post and I appreciate those of you that have read this far. I just wanted to get you really familiar with this great site and what they have to offer. Word to the Wise: If you want to take advantage of Birch Box, go to their site NOW. They actually have a waiting list and while it took me only 2 weeks to hear back from them, I don't want you to miss out on your box for June.

Do any of you use either Birch Box or any of these products now? Any of other great beauty gems out there to share with the class? :-)

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  1. Anna! Somehow I missed that you were back on the blogging train too! YAY! :) I have yet to receive my birch box, but I am excited about it this month! Love that you blogged about it!