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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Be a Dollar Bin Diva: Gift Bags

Need to get your frugal juices flowin'? I have the answer for you. Dive into your local dollar bins....particularly at Target. TARGET = LOVE for me. Combine that affection with savings and I might as well change my Facebook status to, "In a Relationship with the GREATEST Store Ever." Sorry, Hubs. Looks like you have some tough competition. 

Example: Check out these amazingly fantastic bags I have been grabbing. You'll  be glad you did!

You think these are awesome? Check out this wrapping papper I picked up.

I'm a "rapper" (cue the poorly imitated beat box)
Now this bright, deep pink wrapping paper didn't actually come from the $1 section BUT it did come from a sale aisle. Always, always, always check out the "caps" to aisles, no matter the store. They often have seasonal items or speciality items marked WAY down, like this awesome wrapping paper. This will be perfect for wrapping a girl friend's birthday present or to change up the color scheme for Christmas!

Giving someone a gift is always such a joy but sometimes it isn't quite a joy to your budget so take a few extra minutes to find those special pieces that don't require a down payment. I find that part of what makes a gift special is not just the gift itself but the packaging as well. Paying attention to those little details are what make your gifts stand out and show that you care. Inexpensive, cute bags like these are a great time saver (down the road) and even better money saver. Stock up when they are available, file away and use when needed. Target is always a fantastic place to look!

I can't wait to find another treasure at the dollar bin soon!! I wonder what I will find. What has been an all time favorite dollar bin buy of yours?? Until next time, HUGS AND KISSES!

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