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Friday, June 29, 2012

Canning for the Modern Day Woman

CANNING. The latest craze. Ya' 100 years ago. Latest craze or not, I am completely excited about canning.

It all started with gardening. Basically, I wanted a garden which has since turned into a mini-farm (or not so my dreams). Excited for this new venture it all of a sudden hit me that I can't eat all of my tomatoes or corn in one sitting then LIGHTBULB MOMENT! I'll can them. I'm going to go all Little House on the Prairie on those veggies!

Now, as it not yet harvest time for the majority of my garden, I have only canned some fresh, grocery produce so far. I have made strawberry jam, salsa, blackberry preserves, and corn. Take a look at these babies!

Care to JAM with me?....I have something wrong with me. I can't even stop myself from saying corny things like that. If anyone knows of a 12-step program for Word Vomit, I'd appreciate the phone number. word vomit problem here because apparently I am just not that creative.
I won't lie. Canning is kind of hard, time consuming work. Although canning does take some time, if you plan for it, you can totally do it.

Totally worth it because:

1. It will save money on food throughout the year.
2. We will eat food that I know what exactly the ingredients are. No creepy chemicals or preservatives here, Folks!
3. It is a very rewarding experience.

IF canning intrigues you in the slightest I would be more than happy to do a whole tutorial post about it. For now I will stick with the basics.

1. Study, study, study! There are many great resources out there. Use them! This is not something you want to wing.
2. Prepare time, food, and utensils.
3. Do not stray from the instructions or recipes.

I'm so happy I have started this journey in my life. What are some hobbies that you have started and feel excited about? Until next time, HUGS AND KISSES!

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