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Friday, July 9, 2010

Is this really a good idea??

Well, today is the day! I woke up and decided that I would FINALLY decorate and design my blog. I might as well since I pledged my faithfulness to blogging, right? I  mean why shouldn't I provide my countless reader some eye candy? So today I went to a wonderfully delightful blogging design site and downloaded the fonts, banners, etc. For that act I felt amazingly successful....but then the gut-wrenching reality set in....."I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT I AM DOING." What a rollercoaster of emotions I have gone through already! I've gone from determined to accomplished to absolutely horrifed which is turning into utter disbelief (shout out to Lacy, co-worker, for providing the word "disbelief".....that just shows how jarred I am by this whole process.....apparently I do not need to blog!)  I had to print out a 17 page tutorial guide for Pete's sake! But don't dismay! Yes, I may be a little shaken by this project, but I will continue to move ahead. I will not let technology (and really big words) shoo me away! Let's just hope this weekend affords me a little extra time to take this on and arise (cue "Rocky" theme song) VICTORIOUS!!!...........potentially cute blog soon to follow. :-)

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  1. P.S. Thank goodness for my wonderful friend Ashley for pulling me out of my panic and for giving me some great advice on how to get this going! :-)