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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Sports: A Husband's Addiction and a Wife's Obligation

Let me preface this post with first saying that I am athletically challenged. Very serious condition with symptoms of moderate to excessive pudge, mockery from classmates in gym class, injuries to challenged person when attempting a sport, and a complete lack of interest in anything sport related.

As promised, I am following up my previous blog with explaining my husband's unique passion for sports.  Not just any sports, though. Really only two catch his interest. They don't catch his interest randomly. They catch his interest because his hometown of Cincinnati, Ohio has two of those sports teams: A baseball team named the Cincinnati Reds (formerly know as the Red Legs due to the red stockings they wore in years gone by) and a football team named the Cincinnati Bengals (ya' the tigers.) Now I've heard of hometown pride but I truly believe my husband has perfected that type of adoration. He loves EVERYTHING Cincinnati oriented whether it be the viaducts to the Queen City bologna to the Skyline chili to the hometown hero's,etc. but nothing compares to this man's love for the Reds and the Bengals. I'm going to be honest with you......before I met Eric, if someone had mentioned the "Reds" team to me I would have never known what city they were from. The only reason I knew of the Bengals was because my brother had some trading cards of different football teams. I remember looking through his book of cards and liking the Bengals because of the team name and colors. When I did meet Eric he said right off the bat (no pun intended) that he was obsessed with sports. I. Had. No. Idea. He never misses watching a game. Ever. The annoying cute thing is that he assumes I want to watch and cheer alongside him. I am honestly ok with that but do you know how many games baseball teams play a week??? They play almost everyday. So nearly every evening I am watching these games. I can't believe I am about to say this but thank goodness for football. At least they only play once a week!!! Although, his obsession/addiction can be a tad annoying I love it at the same time. He gets so excited when he learns something new about his teams (historical or current information)! He gets even more excited when they win! Those wins often make his day. He looks so cute when he gets that enthralled! How could I try to make him stop? How could I take that away from him? Part of this addiction includes shopping, believe it or not! He owns more than 30 hats. All but possibly 5 are sports related. He owns several jerseys. Eric also has a Reds bracelet and for the wedding I even bought him Reds cufflinks. He buys everything authentic. If it's not authentic and "what the players wear", as he often says, then count him out! His obsession even gets to his mouth. No, I don't mean by cheering for them. When he goes to the ortho to get his bands changed he requests to have them red for baseball seaon and orange & black for football season. His groom's cake that we had served at the rehearsal dinner was half Reds and half Bengals. In January he dragged me to the Redsfest in down town Cincy. Talk about a fan's dream come true! During football season he wears a jersey every chance he gets and will randomly shout the team's slogan of "WHO DEY!!!" Example of randomness: In church he has actually made a point to look at me and mouth said slogan. Good to know he is paying attention to the sermon. haha

I often tease him by saying he gets more excited about his teams than he does me. He always denies it (I've trained him well) but deep down I think it still might be true. ;-) I try really hard to get into the games and convo about "his" teams. Sometimes I find I actually enjoy myself and through my time of knowing him I have learned a lot about the sports which definitely makes them more enjoyable. Even though he knows I am not a die hard fan he always wants to include me. As I've implied it can be a tad annoying but I always have to stop and think to myself, "At least he wants me with him. That makes the experience much better for him. Most men are all too happy to shoo their wives away but mine wants me ever at his side. He could be obsessed with so many other many things that are much worse. And he's dedicated to these teams no matter what. I have to admire his faithfulness."  So though I may grumble from time to time and though I may not fully understand his addiction, I love that he LOVES sports. I used to count it as my obligation to be involved in this area but I'm learning to count it as my enjoyment because it's just another area in which we can grow close. Yes, sports play every day but now they are becoming a (small) day to day delight!

                                        He likes the Colts too!....but he loves the Bengals!
The ginormo jersey reads, "AUTHENTIC" thus the point and grin from my man.
Even on a regular, non-game day he is decked out!
Our first Reds game together. Sat out in 95 degree weather with the sun facing us. I must really love him!
At the Redsfest. See the glimmer in his eye? haha
                                                                                                     Our first Bengals game together!

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