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Friday, September 10, 2010

I'm "fall"ing in love!

Forgive my nerd-tastic play on words but I just absolutely love autumn! So many of my friends share my sentiments. I've seen so many beautiful and crafty ideas out there!
The other day I sent out a message to a few friends saying, "Do you think it's too early to do fall decor?" Thankfully my fall loving friends said, "OF COURSE NOT!" (maybe the reason I asked them? ;-) ) I immediately started pulling out some fall decorations I had purchased last year. Later that evening, Eric and I went to Hobby Lobby and got a few more small decorations. I've yet to pull out the "big guns." ;-) Then, to my delight, I remembered that I have some fall decorations still at my parent's house. I cannot wait to dig out those almost-forgotten treasures! A few tips:
1. For any seasonal decorations, wait till the season is over (even a month after) and then  buy! You will find some out-of-this world deals! They are practically giving the stuff away! PLUS, you will have some awesome goodies waiting for you the next year. Before I even got married I did this. For example, this past January, I went to Pier 1 and bought some adorable plates and various decorations for practically nothing!
2. I find to make your house feel more cozy and festive, infuse it with appealing scents. I bought $1 jar candles from Wal-Mart: cinnamon roll, mulled cider, and pumpkin spice. I put them in different areas of the house and oh my word! HELLO FALL!! :-) I also bought a room spray for $4 (also W.M.) that is pumpkin spice. I just give a few spritz every other day and it just gets me so excited for the season! These scents smell great but are not overpowering.
3. Get creative! You can purchase some pretty inexpensive supplies that create a luxurious look. Check out the Dollar Tree! I got two scarecrows from there for my front yard that are just as cute as can be!

 A quick dilemma: On my front porch I want to set up some small blocks of hay/straw (pre-packaged from HobbyLobby:$2.99-4.99) and set up some pumpkins and gourds for a nice, fall display. I have seen real pumpkins and gourds at the store for a pretty low price. BUT I have also seen those fake pumpkins that look real and you can still carve for just a few more dollars. Here's my thing: Do I buy the cheapies and just eat the cost because I can't re-use them next year OR do I invest in the fakes and use them for years to come? I guess my struggle is, which work best out doors?? Any advice would be appreciated! :-)

I apologize for the camera quality. I used my cell phone because my digital was charging. Still a work in progress but here you go....
 Centerpiece on the kitchen table
(used a giant leaf plate, giant candle,
and fillers)                                                                  Same image as before

These are actually 2 separate door hangers but I combined them together to give a fuller look.

ENJOY! :-)


  1. I love the look and cost of real pumpkins. Something I did last year (because I had no intention of eating them), is that I sprayed them and my gourds with clear spray paint. It makes the pumpkins/gourds just shiny and pretty! :)

    Hope that helps!

  2. Oooh! Wonderful tip! I will try to give that a go! Thanks! :-)