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Monday, September 20, 2010

Nearer, Still Nearer

Ok, so I am clearly on a hymn-kick! haha I just truly love old hymns.
"Nearer, Still Nearer" is one of my all time favorite hymns. It's probably one of my top 5. I remember the first time I heard it....I was 13 years old at Camp Peniel in chapel. Hearing the tune made me feel calm, reading the words made my heart cry out to GOD (not myself), and being in a fellowship of people that felt the same way was truly amazing. The peace that fell over the room was overwhelming. There is a purity to the lyrics. It became our camp hymn. Every year we sang it and every year I loved it. I would cry. I would pray. I would feel such incredible joy to be His child and to be given that opportunity to be there and learn more about Him. And I want to share this song with you. The people in the video was not my church group. It's one I found on YouTube (again). Maybe it won't touch your heart the same way it touches mine but I pray that it does. I hope you walk away feeling blessed!

1. Nearer, still nearer, close to Thy heart,

Draw me, my Savior, so precious Thou art;
Fold me, oh, fold me close to Thy breast,
Shelter me safe in that "Haven of Rest,"
Shelter me safe in that "Haven of Rest."

2. Nearer, still nearer, nothing I bring,
Naught as an offering to Jesus, my King;
Only my sinful, now contrite heart,
Grant me the cleansing Thy blood doth impart,
Grant me the cleansing Thy blood doth impart.

3. Nearer, still nearer, Lord, to be Thine!
Sin, with its follies, I gladly resign,
All of its pleasures, pomp and its pride,
Give me but Jesus, my Lord, crucified,
Give me but Jesus, my Lord, crucified.

4. Nearer, still nearer, while life shall last,
'Til safe in glory my anchor is cast;
Through endless ages, ever to be,
Nearer, my Savior, still nearer to Thee,
Nearer, my Savior, still nearer to Thee.

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