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Thursday, March 3, 2011

My Current Obessions

If you were to crack open my mind, these are the things you would probably find floating around on a regular basis....

*Adele's new song, "Rolling in the Deep."  I adore her and have for a few years. She has such a strong and unusual voice. The passion she sings with is amazing. Don't believe me? Listen...

*Sprayway Glass Cleaner. This stuff is a-mazing. I had seen it before but only in commercial use. It's probably been out forever and you all probably have been using it for years but to me it is brand spanking new and I L-O-V-E it!!! We have glass tables {cringe} and I despise seeing smudges and smears on them leftover from other cleaners. I bought this glass cleaning wonder the other day (w/a coupon! WHOOT! WHOOT!) and am now hooked. Now no other product will do. Try it. For real. It will make you smile.

Magic in an aerosol can.
*Almost everything on this site is making me drool! Particularly this chair for my guest room...

It's practically calling my name saying, "Buy me! BUY ME!"
I mean, truly. How cozy does this chair look??? Buuuuuuut $500 to spend on a chair is not really in my budget. However, I found an absolutely horrid orange chair with a great shape at Goodwill for $20. I'm so tempted to go back, buy it, find a fabric I like on sale, and make it faboo....even though I have no experience doing that. Hey! I can't beat $20 for a comfy chair with an ugly facade. I may just try it.

*Paint colors. Every day I think about the colors I will paint the various rooms in the house. I have to be patient right now but oh my! I will be so happy once we tear down some hideous wall paper and replace it with fabulousness!

*Spring time, warm weather, and out of this world sandals.

Random, I know. But real. What are you currently obsessing over? Share! Share! :-)

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