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Monday, March 7, 2011

A New Name

The other day my husband goes to Google. Types in "my" blog name but as "Day By Day Delight" not "Delights" and to my horror he finds a blog. With the same name, minus the "s". The other DBD blog looks very sweet and wonderful but what do I do now??? I checked the archives of the other and they have been there longer but I honestly didn't know there was one out there already.
Do I change my name?
Can I change my name but keep all of my posts and info?
Do I start from scratch?
Do I get rid of my blog completely? It's not like I have a huge following anyway....surely I won't be missed in Blogland.
I am lost at this point but be prepared for the name change or complete removal of my blog.

If ya'll have ever heard of this or ran into it, what did you do? Any suggestions for this scatterbrained nut?


  1. Bless your heart! I'm not really sure if you can change it without losing your posts. Have you looked around in the settings to see? I know you can change the name easily, but I'm not sure about the url. Please don't leave for good!!

  2. Anna, Anna, Anna...Don't worry about it! You need to stay in the blog world, that's for sure! I know that there are other blogs with my blog name. I don't think that really matters. But I do think you could change the name pretty easily but keep the same URL. Seriously...don't sweat it! It's not that big of a deal! There are so many blogs out there, you are bound to find one with a similar (if not exact same) name.

  3. I agree! Stay! There are so many blogs that there are bound to be duplicates, but no one can duplicate you! Stay around so your loyal readers ( can still read up on your life!

  4. Those who follow your blog won't stray to the other DBD, no worries :)