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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Computer complications

Ok, let me try this for the 5th time....

Where are the pictures you ask?? I have them, I promise! Improvements have been made in the ol' homestead. Improvements on the computer...well, not so much. I am seriously beginning to think that Technology is out to get me. Any computer I touch runs slow and will not me upload ANYTHING(pictures included). Sooooo frustrating! But I will keep trying....and keep trying....and keep trying, even if it kills me. Ha! Ok so that's not true.

Since there is a plan in action for my demise in all things electronically related, I will try to explain the improvements and changes as opposed to sharing a visual....yet. You won't get me Mr. Computer! MUA-HA-HA-HA!

The other day Eric and I spent all day cleaning his office and the guest room and then swapped both rooms. WHAT A HUGE DIFFERENCE!! It's like the house is now the way it was always meant to be. We took all of Eric's amps out of the living room (YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) and put them in the office/man cave. All of his sports decor and keepsakes are hung on the walls, files are organized and now in the filing cabinet (in place of the books he stacked in there), guitars have found a new home there, and the room looks wonderful. The twin bed was moved to the "new" guest room. Room was dusted and vacuumed completely. Eric was so pleased and kept saying, "I think this is the first time this room has been dusted or cleaned." I was a little horrified by that (and the filth) but he looked so cute when he said it that I let the horrified look fade from my face. Many changes still to be made in the guest room excited to see it come to fruition. Moving on.....

First, I started some shopping at Kohl's. I really don't want pieces that hundreds of other people have. I like things to be more unique but I'm sorry, when you see signs every where reading "50 to 80% OFF!" that will pull any shopper in. Plus, Kohls has always been a happy place for me. While there I purchased a set of two white shelves (guest room) for $12.99 which is a good deal, I think. Usually, one shelf alone is around  $12.99. I also bought a simple white pillow sham and matching bed skirt (also for the guest room). By the back door area, Eric had a really random, 4 x 6 piece of crumbling carpet and was using it as a rug/mat. I understand that is a small thing but I was OVER it. I bought a brown, green, and white striped rug for $4.99. It is nothing to make you, my loyal readers, envious but in comparison to what was there before....this thing is AMAZING. Did I splurge while at Kohls? no.....ok, fine. I did. I bought a blue glass candle holder and candle. Don't judge so quickly. Both pieces were 50% off and have added such a nice touch to our living room. You will love it when I finally post pictures, I am sure of it!

From there a lot of my shopping was random. Fitting for my personality, I suppose. I bought a side table at Christmas Tree Shoppe for $30 (guest room) and assembled it all by myself. It looks great, if I do say so myself...ok so I screwed one piece of wood on backwards. Details, details. Wal-mart actually came threw on quite a few trips. While at Wally-World I purchased two lamps and lamp shades. Can I just say the Better Homes and Garden brand there is great? I got a valance for the window in the kitchen along with a simple $3 curtain rod. I got a cute white curtain rod and sheer white panels for the guest room. I also got some new sheets for the guest room...I think that finishes off my W.M. purchases. And then of course there is Target (cue the Hallelujah chorus)!! That place truly makes me happy. I can easily spend two hours there. Does that make me weird?? From there I bought a new pillow for the couch that was desperately needed. My mom and Dad bought me a comforter there for the guest room as a small belated wedding present. It is so simple and pretty! I love it and it has totally inspired me to do some neat things in the guest room! I am so grateful I didn't have to spend on that either. There has been a runner at Target that I have drooled over for about a year and I finally got it! I wish it were slightly longer but other than that it makes me instantly happy as soon as I walk in the front door! Words can't adequately describe it so I will just save pictures to cover that for me. Mom had purchased a picture from Kohls last year for her house but ended up not liking it in her space. I LOVED it and could totally picture it in my home with Eric. Well Mom ended up not returning it and giving it to me. It is on a wall in our living room and it adds so much. I am, again, truly thankful and very happy to see it there. From Target, I also bought new knobs for our bathroom and hallway closet. Again, my description = nothing, picture = worth a thousand words.
So as you can tell, I have been a busy little bee buzzing around the house making improvements where I can. There is still much to be done (i.e. our bedroom, bathroom, some major painting.etc.) but at least right now I can rest a little more easily knowing I am not still living in a disorganized bachelor pad. What makes me even more happy is that Eric loves EVERYTHING! Making our house a home....what a wonderful day by day delight!!

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