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Monday, August 30, 2010

Moving on...

As I stated a few blogs back, I had visited my home church and got that nice warm, fuzzy feeling inside. The reason for the visit and not the stay is because  I got married and moved to my husband's home, which moved me far from there. Eric's home church is 30 seconds from our house. Literally. 30 seconds. Of course it would make sense that we would go his church. Right? Although I knew I should join his church a long time ago I couldn't bring myself to do it. I missed "home" so much and I compared "home" to the new place all the time. I prayed about it a lot and finally, once I let go and let God, I knew where I needed to be. Yesterday, I became a member of a new church family that welcomed me in with loving arms and encouraging smiles. My new pastor's wife also talked to me about helping out with the missions conference in a few weeks. It feels so nice to feel I could be used somewhere and that she sought me out for an opportunity. Although I will always miss my home church and that "family", I am excited about starting at a new church with my husband. It feels like we are more complete now that we are both members of the same congregation. I'm so thankful the Lord softened my heart and worked on me. I just wish I hadn't been so stubborn, thinking that I had known best...because seriously?!? When do I ever really know best? I felt the Lord knocking at my heart a few months ago about joining that church but I always said, "Just a little more time.....maybe in a few weeks....not now." I could have experienced this peace a lot earlier if I had just said, "Yes, Lord."

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  1. I hear ya...joining another church is a big move. But take it from me, four years later and although I miss Cornerstone like crazy, I wouldn't trade my church for the world! :)