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Thursday, August 12, 2010

My bedtime blues

I have a sleeping emergency! What's the emergency??? I am getting hardly any sleep. Ever. I catch a few z's here and there but most of the night I am tossing and turning....tossing....and turning.....tossing....and turning....Wow. Just gave myself motion sickness. Obviously, you get the idea. I am so restless. The source of the problem is still kind of unknown.
Get to bed early? Check.
Plenty of chill out time before I hit the sheets? Check.
Comfy, clean bed? Check.
Wonderful hubby to cuddle with? Check.
I am not eating right before bed. I'm not thinking of anything to stress myself out. What I do notice is that I tend to dream of a lot of social interactions, typically work related. I will go through a whole sales scenario with a customer in my "dreams." I put that in quotes because it's not like a dream where I am sleeping but it's not a day dream either because I'm not exactly awake. It's like I am stuck in the purgatory of sleep mode!!! I don't know how to fix this but I want to because I am often exhausted due to lack of slumber and I am driving my husband crazy with all of the moving around I am doing. Does anyone have any tips??? Preferably a tip that doesn't involve me going to a doctor and having a sleep test done. I would love any advice because this whole lack of sleep thing is not a day to day's more like a night to night horror!

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  1. UPDATE: My wonderful friend, Jill, suggested I try taking Melatonin. Melatonin is a vitamin that helps support sleep. And let me tell ya'! That stuff works! It hasn't stopped my (supposed) Restless Leg Syndrome symptoms completely but it has tamed them down. As far as my sleep is concerned, these little vitamins of sleepy goodness have been just what I needed! THANKS JILL!!!! :-)