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Monday, August 23, 2010

A few simple pleasures

Simple pleases.......
I love bagels! I try to stay away from them, though, because they are sooo filling and so carbolicious & calorie packed. That ugly little fact is quite frustrating when sometimes all I want is a bagel with some cream cheese....schmear as some call it. Just yesterday I found a possible solution to my "problem." THOMAS' BAGEL THINS! They are delish! And better than being delicious, they are only 110 calories. Now, I can get my craving satisfied without the extra 160 calories which are in a normal Thomas' bagels. I even found that I can do without the cream cheese because hey! I went without the extra calories so why add more fat?? I highly recommend you check them out! Here....

Along with my love of bagels, I also love having my nails done. My natural nails have never been the type that grow long and strong on their own. Mine break, chips, have ridges, blah blah blah. Although I love having lovely nails I hate paying $30-$40 to get them done. I also hate the after effects. Once the fakes are gone my natural nails look like they've been through a war-zone. So how do I get the look I love without paying the price and having my nails royally abused? Broadway Nails/Natural Nails. Why do I love these? Let me tell you...
                         a. They are cheaper. $6.00 for a box of nails compared to paying $30-40 in a salon (+ tip)!
                         b. They are much more gentle to my natural nail than the salon version. Once removed, my
                         nails are not so much in need of a little extra TLC.
                         c. These lovely little nails take a lot less time to apply! It can be fun to sit in a salon chair and
                         feel a little pampered....but the time it takes to wait, have the nails put on, drying time, etc.-
                         it's just not worth it to me.
                         d. Just like their application time being minimal, their removal time is also much shorter in
                         comparison to the salon version. With a little work I can pop them right off! That does not
                         mean they don't stay on very well. Sure, one may fly off here or there but that can always be
                         corrected with a little nail glue. ;-)
                         e. I think they look a lot more natural than what you get in the salon. I have sooo many of
                         my customers, friends, and family asking me if my nails are real or even better, they ask me
                         where I had them done. I love seeing the shock on their face when I say, "Oh these are fake
                         fakes. $6 from Wal-Mart, put on in 10 minutes."

FINE! I admit it. I'm an addict. Totally and completed addicted. To what you may ask??? Jane Austen and all of her wonderful works. My particular favorite is "Pride and Prejudice." That novel always tends to suck me in. There is something about reading Jane Austen on a beautiful day...or even better...a cloudy day! A nice, cloudy, rainy day. Something about that makes me feel so calm and happy. The level of felicity I experience when reading the conversations between THE Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth Bennett is beyond compare. Thankfully I have several friends and family members that share my obsession! Recently, my mother turned me on to a new Jane Austen website crammed full with interesting informations, forums, etc. So if anyone out there in blogland is a fan of the great Ms. Austen, I encourage you to look this up!

Hope you enjoyed reading about a few of my simple pleasures. But now I ask, what are some of yours? Have a favorite book? Snack? Song? Anything! I'd love to know! :-)


  1. You inspired me...I purchased Broadway nails and LOVE them! :) Oh...and I am a fan of the bagels too. You can't beat a bagel for 100 calories!

  2. I am so glad you love the nails!! And I know, the bagels are wonderful! Like a manna sent down from Heaven! haha