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Monday, August 16, 2010

Weekend recap

Saturday, after work, Eric and I went to McAllister's for dinner which was nice. I got a break from cooking, we had the chance to get out of the house and we were able to enjoy one another's company. After that we went to Home Depot looking at porch lights. Our current light is totally functional but completely hideous. So we made our way through the various aisles of lighting fixtures then moved on to new mail boxes and numbers for the front of the house. Nothing was purchased but ideas were sparked. We also looked for seat cushions but found NONE. Why do we need seat cushions you may ask? Read on, read on!

Sunday morning was especially sweet for me because Eric and I went to my home church. And when I say home church I mean home church. As soon as I walked in the doors I felt like I was home. All of the members there are like my second family. I went from being there 3 days a week (Sun. morn, Sun. night, Wed. night) to visiting every once in a while which has been very, verrrrrrrrry hard for me. Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't change the fact that I got married and am now at a different church but it is just difficult to not be in that same fellowship on a regular basis. I have shared many tears and much more laughter at that church, I have grown spiritually, I have been involved in amazing ministries, I have met wonderful people with a true heart to serve the Lord......the thought of having to start all over at a new church, to rebuild, makes me feel very weary. Moving on (or else I will cry....again! haha), it was so wonderful to see everyone! I was able to interpret the music portion of service and heard a great message! I walked away feeling very blessed! If you think of it, pray that God would soften my heart to the idea of a new church. After church we did a few errands then we packed up our seat cushions for a Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University class. We bring the seat cushions because the chairs provided are so horribly uncomfortable and we have to spend two hours in them. The class is very encouraging and very informative! Eric and I are safe & sound financially but really want to secure the way we handle money and make a way for a productive future. A future not bogged down by debt and worry over money like so many in our culture do today. Through the next few months I plan to pass on some of what I learn. Well that was my weekend wrapped up in a big nutshell! How did you spend your weekend? Do anything out of the ordinary?

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