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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

It's a Goodwill Goldmine!

I am in desperate need of some home furnishings and knick-knacks for the ol' casa. What I'm not in need of are empty wallets or pockets.
Before heading into work one day, I stopped by one of the many Goodwill's on my side of town (seriously, I've never seen 3 Goodwill's within a 10 minute radius of one another) just to look around. Let me tell ya'...It's like I had struck gold!! I picked up a few items that will be perfect additions to a few rooms in my house! PLUS, I can mix and match some of these accessories based on future plans I have. <3

L-R  glass hurricane candle holder, in the back-a silver plate for candles, and 3 different vases. Grand total? Around $10!!!
Yep! $10. That made me so excited, you have no idea!! I have almost the exact same glass hurricane that I had purchased from Pier 1 about a year ago....but for 8x the price I paid for this one! The silver plate is originally from Pottery Barn. I love finding nice brands at low prices! The vases are probably nothing special but I really liked the shapes of them. Don't you just love bargain shopping? It's the best!

I have to be honest, this is getting me so excited to start giving this house a make-over! I cannot wait till we start buying paint, crown moulding, bead board, etc. And I especially can't wait to take pics galore to share with you!!! :-)

Have you visited your local Goodwill or thrift store lately? What are some of the treasures you've found? I'd love to know! :-)


  1. Good job! I have been wanting to hit the Goodwill in Southport. I have never been to the one south of there either. I always hear of people finding good deals...I need to find some myself! :) I can't wait to see what you do with them!

  2. I haven't been to a thrift shop in quite a while. I love them though and am hoping once the ice is all gone I can venture out of the house more often.