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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Winter Time Rant

Our porch mat frozen to the concrete.

Part of a bush in our front yard completely coated in ice.....and this was at the beginning of the storm.

BEAUTIFUL!!!.....and dangerous. We were so lucky our power lines stayed intact.
This is just a peek into my frozen, ice death trap of a world right now. It's beautiful but it is straight up annoying! Reasons why this "winter wonderland" is getting on my last nerve:
1. Potential of no power. Of course that means no heat but more importantly no blow dryer! This girl can take the cold but crazy, out of control hair???? Well that's just one thing I won't stand for.
2. The State House closed, a myriad of businesses closed (including Hubby's), and schools a plenty were updating with the local news stations that they were in fact not having school.......guess who still had to go to work????This girl. Because Heaven forbid the mall should be closed. And yes. People still came to the mall despite the fact that warnings were given to not go out if not absolutely necessary.
3. Eric was home, nice & cozy with nothing to fill up his time. I could have been there with him which is a rare treat for us because we never get the same days or time off. I would day dream of us cuddling up on the couch, watching old movies, and eating yumm-a-licious snacks when suddenly I would be brought back to reality by Eric saying, "Honey, your car is cleared off. You can go to work now."
4. And speaking of cars, I 'm pretty much over the whole cars being coated with so much snow and ice that I literally have to pry my doors open. Plus, having to drive through this stuff is no fun. I got stuck in our driveway yesterday. OUR. DRIVEWAY. Ridiculous.
5. Being cold all the time. Brrrrrrwinkles.
6. The sun glaring into my eyes off of the snow. And it's been like this since December 1st. Snow has been everywhere since that day. Bleh!

While I have these frustrations, there have been just a few positive's.
1. Although I went to work on the two major storm days, I did get to leave early on day 1. And on day dos, I got to go in late. So although my day dreams didn't fully come to be, I at least got to experience some cabin fever fun with my Honey.
2.............ok, #1 was pretty much my only positive. :-)

I know nature needs to run it's course and I am grateful for the variety of seasons but this past week has made me more excited for spring than before!

What is the weather like in your neck of the woods? Cold? Really cold?? Share your experiences with me! :-)

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