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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Purse Implosion!!!

Lately I've noticed that my purse has felt a little heavier than usual. Please realize that my purse is normally heavy and I've always been known for carrying BIG purses so for me to say my purse was heavy, you know I mean it.  I've also just been going, going, going so things have been just been stashed wherever I can find space.
Today, while bored at work....ahem...I mean hard at work, I decided to take an adventure in my purse to see what was in there.....even I was shocked at all that I found.

BEHOLD! Just a few of the items that my lovely bag was hiding.
Here is what had been weighing my beautiful bag down:
 -Hair Brush
 -About $3.00 in change
 -2 gloves encrusted with purse junk (ew!)
 -BIG wallet
 -Cash envelopes equal to the size of another wallet
 -Small pouch with notepad & pen
 -2 Lotions......after Christmas I found myself buying little lotions at great prices and thinking, "These will be a perfect fit my purse!" Apparently I forgot that the other perfect fit was already in there and threw the second one in.
-1 hand sanitizer spray
-3 tubes of lipgloss ranging from Pink Lemonade to Berry Delicious ("My lipgloss be poppin' ")
-1 mini calendar...even though I never use it b/c I just the one on my Blackberry
-1 previous statement
-1 earring....yep, just 1
-2 do I have two rings but only one earring? I'm a mess. haha
-3 contact cases.....REALLY??? THREE!?!?!?! What's wrong with me?
-2 mini-perfumes....1 being empty and has been since July
-An old, uncharged phone...ya' case of emergency??? Hmmm....
-A 2010 Reds Baseball schedule....that will come in handy.........
-1 pack of gum...also empty
-1 lone piece of gum
-1 handwritten recipe for homemade creampuffs given to me about 8 months ago
-3 tanning lotion samples
-2 things of mints
-2 packs of sanitizer wipes....hands can never be too clean I always say!
-1 small pill holder...minus the pills.....
-A business card holder filled with cards from my old company I left 5 months ago
-3 Nail clippers....seriously? What is up with me having things in 3's??
-2 nail files
-Countless hair bands and bobby pins
-2 chapsticks.....1 good, 1 with nothing in it
-1 Vaseline lip gel....apparently I'm obsessed with moisturized lips
-1 old antibiotic from when I had bronchitis
-1 pack of fruit crisp crackers

Amazingly enough, while staring at this towering mound of non-sense, I thought, "Gee! I'm missing some band-aids and Aleve!"  (rolls eyes at self) Like I said, I've always carried heavy purses but since I've been married it's gotten worse. Eric will ask me for all sorts of things while we are out & about and if for some odd reason I don't have (fill in the blank) he acts annoyed that I somehow forgot (fill in the blank). So now I just try to carry it all!

Despite my collection of randomness, I do have a few tips that help keep me {normally} organized.
1. Find a colorful, small to medium sized pouch or make-up bag. Many times purses become so cluttered because it's dark in there, you can't seem to find what we need. When you carry a bright little bag, it is easier for you to find exactly what you are looking for. Also, the benefit of this tip is because you can easily change from purse to purse by just removing the pouch from one bag to the other. If you can find a bag that has a light texture to it then that is helpful as well. Sometimes you can't look in your purse but you can feel around for things and having something with a ribbed pattern might make it that much easier! And who doesn't like easy?
2. Go through your purse regularly. This is helpful in a variety of situations where organization is key. If I had weeded through my purse once a week like my regular routine then I probably wouldn't have ended up with this alarming amount of junk! Consistency is key!....and is it bad that I didn't mention all the items that I had found for fear of harsher judging? It was like the purse version of "Hoarders." haha
3. It's great to be prepared but be realistic! I clearly like to be the one that has it all "just in case" but having two to three nail clippers or 5 options of lip care isn't realistic.....unless I'm surprised by a phone call that I was cast in a nail care or make-up commercial!.....yeah, not going to happen.

Please tell me I am not the only one out there that has had a purse implosion? What are some odd things you have found? How do you keep yours organized?

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