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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Explosions (of every variety) Galore!!!

Last weekend, Hubby and some friends went to northern Michigan for a snowmobiling trip. I knew for months that he would be going and my heart ran away every time I thought of it. I did not want him to go. Could I have emphasized that any more clearly?? haha I didn't want to come home and not see him and know that he wouldn't be home later that night. I didn't want to go to sleep without him. I think that is almost what I dreaded the most! I didn't want to wake up without him. I didn't want him hurting himself or someone else. Yes, I wanted him to have fun. He deserves it!! But I just hated the whole idea of him going. Days leading up to his departure I was CRAZY. Anytime we talked about it I would burst into tears. My emotions would practically explode all over the place! (Sidenote: Whenever I type "place" I start to type "palace" then I have to correct myself. Ah, if only! haha) The night before and the morning of were my worst times. We had only been apart one night before this and I was....let's just say, less than strong. I went to bed crying till I could cry no more then in a moment of lovey dovey-ness I grabbed his pillow, t-shirt, and favorite cologne. T-shirt went on the pillow and then came the cologne....then came me.....squeezing it....wishing it were Eric. Did I really just admit that? haha The morning he left I was falling apart. Thankfully I had prepped ahead of time. I knew he would be gone so I planned to get together with a friend that night and the next night I planned to have some ladies from my family come over. It worked out to where I had that Friday off so as soon I closed the door to him, I wiped my tears away and cleaned my house like crazy. We all know this by now, I'm a neat to an ocd level so cleaning took a few hours because I'm not satisfied till everything is literally spotless. Cleaning was finished then I went to the store to pick up some things for the weekend. When I came home, I saw his work van parked out front and I lost it. I had done so well the whole day then I saw that and I lost all of my senses. Once again, I had to pull myself together. That night I went to Panera with a friend and we talked for 4 hours by the fire. It was nice and helped get my mind off of Eric. I purposely left some chores to do at the house that night so when I got home I wouldn't just sit and think about missing him. I hadn't heard from Eric because he got ZERO reception up there so of course that made it harder. Next day, I had work so that also helped pass time. I then rushed home, prepped some food and had my mom, Aunt, and cousin come over. In the midst of prepping, a bowl of leftover stuffing for my stuffed tomatoes fell out of the fridge and EXPLODED all over the kitchen floor!!! Also exploding (or rather spilling) was my marinara sauce all over the counter. *Sigh* We had a GREAT time eating and playing Password. But the fun had to come to an end. Once again, I had another night without my beloved. Another night of hearing things and making myself believe it was someone breaking in. Another night of tossing and turning. In the tradition of my mother I almost slept with a frying pan. If you know me, you know why that's true AND funny! Perfect combo. Sunday, Eric finally came home!!! We enjoyed a quiet evening at home and the next day we both had off. We were so excited to just hang out at the house and have a lazy day. The day started off as planned but then in the midst of watching Pawn Stars (our current tv obsession) we heard what sounded like a rushing river through our house.....UH OH!!! Within a few minutes Eric found a leak of some kind (don't ask me what). He went to his dad's and brought back this super heavy duty manly wet/dry shop vac. My job was to start sucking up water that was seeping underneath and into the carpet. I hooked that up while Eric went to his work to pick up another tool to fix this major issue! Every attachment imaginable was hooked up to the shop vac and I turned on the power. Little did I know that there is a blow side and a suction side and that I had plugged the hose into the blowing side! KABOOM!!!!! The insulation his dad had just used for their attic blew all over my perfectly clean house!! I could have cried (ahem....again). In between sucking up water I would suck up the pink fiberglass I found all over my house. Thankfully after about an hour or so of work we had the problem fixed because of my husband's awesome handy man skills! After that we slipped back into the schedule for the day: laziness. Although the day had gone not exactly as planned I was still so happy because I had him home. FINALLY. Yes, last weekend was definitely a weekend of emotional and insulation explosions. :-)
Have you ever had to be apart from your love for a few days? Did you handle it more sanely than I did? haha

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