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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Here's Where I Am At

Here is where I am at for the New Year. Here's my heart. Here's what I want and need:
*God. He's what I want and need more than anything. I want to know Him more. I want our relationship to be strengthened in every way possible, a thousand times over. I read the attached blog yesterday per the recommendation of a Facebook friend and my heart was moved to where I instantly teared up. My heart was pricked when the author the devotion wrote, " Above all, let me never get used to being a Christian." I fear I've done that since I've grown up in a Christian family, grew up in church and Christian schools and faithfully attend church now as an adult. My prayer is not get used to being a Christian and to not become calloused to the most amazing, beautiful truth there is to know. Give me JESUS!
*Weight: My body and Fat need to say, "Buh-bye!" and part ways.
*Proverbs 31:10-31. Eric always says sweet (and...ahem...naive) things like, "you're the most perfect wife ever." I really do want to be the best I can be for him.
*The house is in need of some major re-vamping. It's not our forever house but it's the house we will be in for a while and so for our comfort (and future selling potential) it needs some serious upgrades.
*Getting myself in gear with my various hobbies: reading, jewelry making, etc.
*Spending more time with those I love: family and close friends and really, really getting to know them. Life passes way too quickly and I have a regret with not getting to know some family that have passed in the past year.
*Being more involved in my new church. I recently started assisting in children's church but would like to become involved in the choir, missions ministry, and the ladies ministry. Maybe even help start a Deaf ministry??? Please pray that some Deaf come my way. My heart is above all in that ministry and when I can't exercise that I feel a little lost.
I'm a list maker and an idea girl so this particular list could easily keep going on....and on....and on. These are some of my top priorities. What about you? Did you make any resolutions or have some things that are on your heart? :-)
P.S.- I had a Twitter account but never used it and when I tried to log back in....I couldn't so introducing the new Day by Day Delights Twitter account Check it out! If you are on there, follow me and I'll follow you. We'll be one big group of followers leading the way through a new year! :-)

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