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Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New!!!

SUPER quick re-cap of the month of December/holiday time:
*Birthday: day off, shopping, time with dear friend, opened a Roth IRA with hubby, hubby took me to Cheesecake Factory and bought me long lost LOVED perfume
*Holiday shopping, decorating, and baking galore took place. FANTASTIC!
*WICKED!!!!!!!! Finally got to see it after many years of waiting. It was....(let me catch my breath).....AMAZING. It was all that I dreamed of! As soon as it was done I was ready to watch it again.
*Crazy work hours. Enough said.
*Tons of time spent with awesome family!
*Last week of the year and into the new year I have had what my friend, Jill, at calls "the plague." I can't shake this thing! I missed almost a complete week of work. BLEH!

All of that leads me to this.....
My Christmas decorations are done. My house feels bare. Where do I go from here? Any ideas loyal bloggers??? :-)

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