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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Two Randoms

Pretty excited about two things. Neither are related but both fill me with extreme happiness!

1. My Redplum AND Unilever coupon mailers came in today!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I L-O-V-E when they came in the mail. <3 I sort through all of them, snip-snip-snip them out and make a "plan of attack" for the grocery store. Just recently I made encouraged my mom try couponing. She's never used them but I set up her with her own coupon organizer, showed her how to get some good coupons, and then set her loose. Mom is pretty excited about the savings she will see. When I got my mailer in, I instantly texted her (how 2011 of her to text! ha!) and told her I had plenty to share and swap! We set a date and are going to meet up in a few days. It's fun to share this with her and to take money off of my receipts. $$$
2. As some of you may know, I know ASL (not everything but enough to get me by) and was heavily involved in the Deaf ministry at my old church. Since joining my husband's church I have lost my opportunities to interpret (soooo sad but praying for Deaf to come to my new church.) I've been really upset about not being able to sign. I've recently been teaching my sister-in-law some ASL for a school project (and just for fun). I have to tell you....she is getting better each time! Tonight she interpreted "At Last" by Etta James for me and she. Was. AWESOME. I was so proud of her! I have loved the chance to spend time with her, to use sign language, and to share that passion with someone else. To see her flourish in it is a true blessing to my heart!

Again, random. I know. But I just had to share!
What has happened to you recently that has made you smile? :-)

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