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Thursday, April 7, 2011

A Bride's BFF? Organization.

Before I start this post, check out another one of "our songs."

I'm a neat, organized freak. Like to the point where I'm not OCD....I'm CDO (because it's in alphabetical order....and yes. I actually said my ABC's aloud to make sure I was right.) Some might find that trait annoying but I'll tell you what! It was my lifesaver when I was a bride-to-be. I think most gals plan their weddings from childhood, and I'm no exception, but man! There are so many ways you can go with a wedding any more that you are bound to change your mind in the process. My tip is to go for a feeling as opposed to a look. What I mean by that is, how do you want to feel when you look around on your wedding day? How do you want your guests to feel? What is the mood you are trying embody? This is not a cure-all to a perfect wedding. Mine definitely had some defects BUT I found that when I looked for things to make my wedding feel a certain way as opposed to just look a certain way, I ended up with a day I could not have been happier with! So how did I keep it all organized??
1. Binder it up, Ladies! ("BINDERS! BINDERS!!!"-that's for my mom and Kacka. Trouble with Angels, anyone?) I went to Wal-Mart, got a binder for $1 (which just happened to match my wedding), bought some page protectors and dividers and got to work! I actually made a color coded sheet to start my binder out with so that way I could look at that page and know exactly what catgeory I needed to go to. I made sections for everything from Schedule to Decor to Honeymoon details. I filled each section with my own sketches, pages I ripped out of magazines, or articles from online.
2. Use your phone's calendar. Yes, there is a schedule in your binder. But there are just some times where it is not appropriate or practical to carry around a big ol' binder. Every phone has a calendar, whether you know it or not. Utilize that baby! It will be such a big help. Also, while we are on the topic of using your phone, store all of your wedding contacts in your phone book. Caterers, wedding planners, bridal party, etc.
3. Notepads are vital! Again, binders are not always the most convenient thing to be lugging around when not at home or at wedding oriented events. But what is convenient is a small notepad that can easily slip into your purse! I'm a big purse kind of girl so I could actually fit a whole notepad in mine like I'm freakin' Mary Poppins or something. If you're a bride-to-be, you will be shocked at the times you come up with ideas or think of things you will need to know later. You may pass someone on the street, see some random item in a store, or hear a song that will trigger a million thoughts all at once. Having a notepad and pen on hand will save you from going insane because you will have somewhere to put those thoughts immediately.
4. Have another brain. Seriously, go out and find another brain. I won't ask questions as to how you get it but find one and find it stat! Only kidding. What I mean by having another brain is have someone you know and trust to help you out with some things. I had two people: My mom and my dear, dear friend Ashley. There were others but hold your horses! That may be another post! ;-) I had my mom because I lived with her and it was easy but also because she knows me better than most. Ashley was such a huge help because I think we might actually share a brain. She gets me and my whole cdo ;-) tendencies and she understands my style. So go out there! Find that person(s) that "gets" you! When you forgot about things, they will most likely remember. When you get stressed, they will be calm. Don't put it all on yourself. Allow others to share in the experience!
If you're getting married, CONGRATULATIONS! This will be such a fun time in your life. Some say it is so stressful and then they turn into a Bridezilla. With just a few these tips (I have even more), you can avoid becoming that girl and you can actually enjoy the journey!
My $1 Wonder Worker! I loved this thing!!!

Color coded because I'm cool like that!

"Just put it on my tab!"

Fun and helpful article

This is how my world looked for months! Notes everywhere, flowers everywhere, etc. but it helped because then I pulled off this......(see pic below)

A fun and happy day!!!

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