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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Praying for the Strength

Lately, I have found myself praying for strength. Big things, small matter the size of the matter, I need some major uplifiting. Some may find that a sign of weakness to be looking up towards Heaven for answers, but as I sit here, curled up in a blanket on my couch listening to the cold rain pouring down, I find that to be a joy. A joy because the burdens that are on my heart don't have to be mine. And I don't have to have all the answers. And I don't have to muster up this false sense of self-sufficiency when it's not really there. I can be myself to my Father and say, "I'm worried and I'm stressed and I can't do this! But I know YOU can. I know you will bring me through this time of heaviness with an
outcome of singing your praises!"
It makes me think of a chorus I often sing to myself (am I the only one who sings out loud when alone??)...

It's for my good and for His glory
This trial's not the end of the story
There's a bigger picture God alone can see
Faith will take me through this sorrow
For I know He holds tomorrow
And he assures me it's for my good and for His glory!


  1. Amen to this post! Love it. I actually was having a pity party for myself in my car the other day and said out loud "I cant do this anymore" and then it hit me! I cant do this anymore. Thats what I have a heavenly father for! Praise God I can give it all to him!

  2. Awe, I'm glad you liked this post. It is such a comfort to know HE has it ALL under control. :-)