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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Farmers Market Morning

In my efforts to build a healthier and happier life for my husband & I, I visited my local farmer's market for the first time this morning. It was a cold but beautiful morning to try something new!

Just a few of the vendors
Apparently there were not as many vendors as there will normally be but even still I loved going! There were several booths with herbs and plants, 100% natural meats, and baked goods. One booth in particular caught my interest and that was M.J.'s Magic Elixir stand. Great name, huh?  The ladies there were so friendly and really knowledgeable about, not only their products, but why their products are better than the ones traditionally sold in stores. They make all natural cleaning supplies which is right up my alley! Their cleaners smell great and work wonderfully! I bought the Disinfectant, Multi-Purpose Cleaner in the Fresh Squeezed Lemon scent. FABOO!!

So why the visit?
1. I want to support local farmers and companies. Whatever happened to that idea, anyway??
2. Most have organic, all natural, good clean items (no pun intended....well kinda)to sell. No icky chemicals for this gal!
3. It's a great way to get know people in your community!
4. What better way to kick off your morning than by taking a walk in the cool morning air?
5. You can find products you may not normally find in your regular grocery store. This is a great platform for people to be creative and to also have the opportunity to profit off of their originality!

If you haven't tried your local farmers market yet, get out there! Give it a whirl! It not only will benefit you but the people there. It's a win-win! Have a great morning! :-)

Have you tried a farmers market before? What great things have you found?

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