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Friday, April 8, 2011

My Big Blessings, Part 3

I'm almost done, I promise. It's like I'm the girl that wins at an awards show and they have to play the music to get her shut up! And cue the music...

Juan and Jill
I have to give a shout out to Juan, Jill's husband. They drove all the way from Alabama and not only that but he hung out with the girls and helped the day before! You should have seen him! He was carrying pillars into the church and speaking Spanish to Ashley's baby. It. Was. Awesome. Thanks so much, Juan! It was wonderful having you there!

Big thanks to Blaine who helped Don with the music and who drove Eric & I to the reception! We really appreciated it!
Nick, Jake, Hubby, Chad, Davis, and Nic
Eric had some great groomsmen! Nick and Chad are his brothers. Jake, Davis, and Nic are long time buddies. I know Eric really appreciated them coming (Nic came from Cincy) to be there to support him. It was so fun for me to have them there as well! I got to know them a little better and through the experience, I got to see Eric through their eyes which was great!

Ashley and I
You know how I mentioned you need to have another brain when planning a wedding? Well here is mine! Ashley is a really dear friend to me and I appreciated everything she did. I'm kind of a perfectionist and it's hard for me to give up some control, especially when it comes to something big! I can't just let the details go to just any one. When I started the planning process, I kept thinking, "I really want to ask Ashley to be my planner but I don't want to bother her." SO silly! As soon as I asked she accepted. I literally yelled, "WOOHOO!!!" when she told me she would. She put in so much hard work and effort and thought and detail (and the list goes on & on) to make sure my day went smoothly. And it did! If anything did go wrong, I had no idea. What a relief! I was able to truly soak in all the special moments of the day without worrying about when pictures would be taken or when people would walk down the aisle! Through the experience, we grew even closer and I am so thankful we did! I could not have imagined my day without her there!  P.S.- Check out her adorable blog @ You'll be glad you did!

High five for the best bridesmaids EVER!
To me, it was never a question who would be in my wedding. I'll try to keep this short...."try" being the key word. Starting at the bottom and going clockwise is Jacqueline. That is my cousin and the closest thing I have to a sister! We have been through so much together and have some of the craziest memories. We just always click and she can always make me laugh! When I'm hanging out with her, it's like we are 12 years old again-singing and dancing! Moving on is Chrystal (her dad is Pastor Salazar). We've been friends since highschool and were, most likely, separated at birth! She has been a real friend to me and I am so thankful for her, as I am the rest of these lovely gals!I love that, 11 years later, we are still great friends! Then there's Jill!! <3 her! She and I became extremely close after I graduated highschool. I would spend most of my free time with her and her bff, Karen. I have so many funny stories stored in my head because of her. I was so happy when she got married but heartbroken because when she said, "I do", she moved to a far off land called Alabama! So happy her and Juan were willing to drive all the way up. Amber is the next gal pal you see and she is simply amazing! We met sr. yr. of highschool through Chrystal at church, worked together for 7-ish years and have been through a lot together! We have laughed and cried and eaten a lot of Ramen noodles together!! I wish everyone could have an Amber! And last, but not least, is my "twin". Karen. I met her the same time I met Jill and for years we were always together. She makes me laugh so hard and I truly treasure our friendship. And if you ever are in the mood for popcorn, chocolate covered strawberries, or any kind of cake- she is your girl! All of my bridesmaids helped sooooo much with the wedding and threw me some amazing bridal showers! I had sooooo much fun with them! Every single one of them has been a true friend to me and honestly, I could not ask for more. They mean the world to me!

I know all of these posts have been ridiculously long....I'd apologize but....nah! All of these people mean something to me and deserve to be recognized for being AWESOME. These posts were called, "My Big Blessings" for a reason. :-) Thank you for sticking with me through each novel post. There will be some more wedding posts to come for Sunday is my anniversary but they shouldn't be this lengthy! Until then, goodnight and sleep tight!


  1. Thanks for the shout out! Juan and I had such a fun time at your wedding. I can't believe that it has been a year already! Congratulations, my friend!

  2. I cannot believe it has been a year! You made it...yay! :) I am so glad you asked me to help with your big day. It was fun and you definitely were no bridezilla! Love ya, girlie!

  3. Oh and Juan would be so impressed with my spanish speaking toddler! :)