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Friday, April 8, 2011

My Big Blessings, Part Deux

Wow! Getting even closer to date of our one year anniversary! I'm so looking forward to this weekend with my Hubby! While we are cruising around town, we will probably be listening to this song. Enjoy!

As I reflect back on our wedding day, I am reminded of all the amazing people that helped contribute and make our day special!

They are a-mazing!
 These folks pictured above are amazing people. There is no other way to say it. From encouraging to helping plan to working their tooshies off at the reception, they made our day so wonderful! They decorated the whole reception hall, helped serve food and drinks, and cleaned up afterwards. Some of them aren't even pictured. My family and I could not have done it without them! They're all long time family friends that seem more like family. We are so blessed to have them in our lives!

I just had to post this pic of my mom and her bff's!

Pastor Mitchel and Pastor Salazar
Both of those men have been extremely influential in my life, from the time I was a teenager till this day. I couldn't imagine my wedding day without having both of them there. Pastor Mitchell has been an amazing, godly Pastor to my home church since it's start and has been such an encouragement to me. Eric and I really cherished the time we had with Pastor during our premartial counseling. He really shared some amazing truths to build a strong marriage. Pastor Salazar, or Papa Salazar as I call him, has been in my life since I met his daughter in highschool. The whole family has been hugely influential in my life and I am sooo very thankful to have them in my life! To have them there, performing the pastoral duties at our wedding, was so precious to me. Also, the choir director, not pictured, helped by doing all of the audio. I really appreciated all of these gentleman taking time out of their busy schedules to be there!

My little cutie pies!
Introducing.....Hannah and Wyatt!!! Hannah is my cousin and Wyatt is Eric's nephew. They were the perfect addition to our wedding day and I was so happy to have them enjoying the day with us! Aren't they adorable?

Ok, I know I have a picture of my whole family on the day but I can't find it. AH! A little alarming but since I don't have a picture, I do have my words (insufficient as they may be.) Everyone in my family played a part in my wedding day. My Nana made my beautiful veil, helped, and gave me such encouraging words. My brother helped with so much the day of! He has such a servants heart and just did whatever was needed. Aunts, uncles, cousins, and everyone in between mean so much to me. To see them there, had my heart at the point of overflowing!

Penney and Dave, amazing people
Photo courtesy of their Facebook page! haha
 When it came time to plan photography for the wedding, to say I was "stressed" was an understatement. Everything was so expensive and so involved. I almost threw up my hands and said, "Pull out the Polaroid!" Then there was Dave. He is the dad of two of my besties (more about them later). He stepped up and was so truly spectacular. I mean...out of this world awesome. Dave put so much thought into all of the pictures, planned ahead, and spent the whole day (& rehearsal) snapping away! THEN (yes, there's more) he put all 700+ pictures on cd's (each labeled). AND THENNNNNNNN, he video recorded our wedding ceremony. I told you! He is awesome! He did so much more than I ever expected. Being able to look back at these pictures and video, a year later, is such a wonderful delight! SUCH A BLESSING!!!

OK, let's take a breather before Part 3 comes along! Are you ready for it??

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