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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

"I love us!"

"I love 'us'!" My husband actually said this one morning while we were laughing hysterically. And when he said that I loved him even more! One of our favorite things to do is to simply be in bed and just talking (which usually turns into laughing.)We always act so silly and laugh so hard that we end up in tears! It is a sweet time where we can just be ourselves with no distractions. No tv. No music. No phones. No computer. Just us. We talk about our day, our dreams, our future, our pasts, and everything in between. We bond, we grow, and we cherish one another. Yes, I love a fun date night or spending an afternoon with family & friends but there is something about this time we share that makes it supreme above the rest. It's in those moments that I look at him and know I really did marry my best friend. :-)
What are some special times you share with your other half?


  1. Juano and I have Popcorn Night every Wednesday! It is my absolute favorite. We watch some episodes of either Friends, 30 Rock, or whatever we want and he pops this huge bowl of popcorn. We don't see each other on Wednesday until after church, so this is our way of making up for lost time. It is the highlight of my week!

  2. Precious! I love that you two have these traditions! :-)