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Thursday, November 11, 2010

So they think I'm crazy....

So they think I'm crazy...
Who are "they" you ask? "They" is a broad term for anyone in the medical/dental field. Nurses, doctors, dental assistants, dentists, the people who draw blood, the people that take my blood pressure, the people at the front get the point. I am like the epitome of the patient that is crazy and that they make fun of. Granted, I've not heard the snickers but nevertheless I am SURE the giggles and mockery are there. I don't know what my problem is. Why panic? Why pass out? Why cry....hysterically?

This morning was no exception. Some backtracking is necessary so let's take this story in rewind. <<<<<< to about 7 years ago. I had a regular dentist visit. I didn't love going to the dentist but I also didn't hate it, like most people. I was informed I had a cavity or two due to the shape of my teeth and not my hygiene. I have to throw that out there because I am a bit obsessed with flossing, brushing, mouth wash, etc. and don't want people to think otherwise. Moving on, soon enough I had an appt to get some fillings. I was nervous, sure, but thought, "I can soooo do this." I couldn't do it. The dentist's drill was literally hovering in my open mouth when I suddenly said, "AH! NO! I CAN'T" and simultaneously rolled out of the chair army style. WOOSH! I ran out of the office. After a few minutes of calming down I was coaxed back in and my dentist piped up, "Maybe this isn't for you...."  Fast forward to present day. I found myself sitting in a dentist chair. For the same reason. Again I told myself, "I can soooo do this." Well....I'm sure you can figure out where I'm going with this. I tried so hard. I let them put the numbing gel and the bib on me. That was bad enough. The taste and smell of the gel was like poison! I began getting nervous and at one point my dentist says, "Are you cold?" I was baffled by this question and responded as if he were the crazy one. "Noooo." I said. "Well I just asked because your hands are clasped together so tightly as if to keep warm." Embarassment instantly set in as I realized that I had in fact clasped my hands together really tightly. But not because I was cold....because I was TERRIFIED! The dentist and his assistant left the room for a few minutes while I tried to calm down then the tears came. And they wouldn't stop. When they came back I asked if I could use the restroom quickly while I apologized profusely in between sobs. I was like a chicken with my head cut off...seriously. It was as if I had never been there before. I couldn't find the bathroom that was a mere 5 ft. away. After I left the restroom I asked my mom to come in from the waiting room......oh wait. Did I leave that part out? Yeah....I had my mommy come with me. :-) She looks a little more than irritated and like this seemed a little too familiar to her(i.e.Filling Fiasco circa 2003). With my mom behind me I felt a little more at ease but then....then she started quoting scripture. OUT LOUD. Now, don't get me wrong. I love my mom. And I love THE WORD but at that point in the appointment I was definitely and quickly becoming "the weird girl." Like my mom might as well have sprinkled me with holy water and sang "Swing Low Sweet Chariot." Noticing my embarassment, she thought she'd make it better by "toning it down." And by "toning it down" I mean she leaned down closer to me but left her volume the same turning me into the "REALLY weird girl with the equally weird mother." Once again, the wicked gel was applied and once again, nausea and panic set in. That was it. I was DONE. The dentist finally gave up and recommended a dentist that would put me to sleep. Maybe that's all I needed? A little R&R. ;-)
Have you ever had a freak out moment at the dentist or doctor's office? TELL ME ALL ABOUT IT! :-)


  1. HILARIOUS! I am sitting at work...laughing out loud! I love you, I love your Mom, and I love the endless amount of stories you seem to get when you two are together! Also...Paul is going to get a kick out of this story! :)

    P.S. Bravo on the blog posts! Seriously...what is up with you not being able to comment on mine?!?! (I obviously forgot to comment on your comment on my FB wall. Sorry!)

  2. ha! Glad you got a kick out of it. I just had to share! Mom is mortified that I told the story. She said, "People will think I'm crazy because they don't know my side of the story." So she may be doing a guest post soon. FINGERS CROSSED! haha
    Thanks! I am trying really hard to blog....there's just that whole issue of needing to be interesting. haha When I go to comment on yours it asks me to verify the code down below but the screen cuts off and I have no where to verify the code. FRUSTRATING! Loving your blogs though. Keep it up! :-)