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Monday, November 29, 2010

Quick Recap

The past few days have been jam packed with activities for me! Here's a quick re-cap of events with a hopefully more interesting blog to follow on Tuesday or Wednesday.
*The past week I have been averaging about 3 hours of sleep a night. I am not sure why but I must admit....IT'S ANNOYING. I don't know about you but this girl needs her beauty sleep! Lack of zzzz's was not a good way to start off the holiday season....
*Thanksgiving was wonderful! Started off at Eric's dad's house. We ate some AMAZING food and then spudded out on the couch. Following that, we went to my cousin's house and enjoyed a wonderful meal with some aunts, uncles, and cousins. Some were missing this year but for good reason. I am so excited to see EVERYONE for Christmas. It was all in all a great Thanksgiving full of thanks, love, and memories.
*Black Friday I worked. And worked. Aaaand worked. Total clocked hours = 12+. I was soooo exhausted when I got home but Eric was such a sweet heart! He knows I am a tad o.c.d. about the cleanliness of our home so he took the initiative and did laundry, swept, did dishes, made the bed, and took care of the lawn. Then when I got home, he went out and brought dinner to us which was so nice! I would have gladly made dinner but he didn't even want me to try. He just wanted me to rest. After some of the fantastic tlc, we decorated the Christmas tree. We were going to wait until Sunday but there is something about decorating for Christmas that just makes me not want to wait if I don't have to. After that, I crashed and burned.
*Saturday I worked and we were so busy. Almost busier than on Black Friday! My friends (Jill, Juan, and Karen) surprised me which was just what I needed that day! With the work day behind me and I freshened up a bit, Eric & I met up with those three + 1 for dinner then everyone came over to our place for a little bit more socializing. Jill and Juan came up from Alabama so it was such a treat to see them! I miss them so much. And yes. Jill and I cried like babies when she left.
*On Sunday I woke up in a major funk! I was so cranky but I was also just out and out depressed. I was really sad Jill and Juan were leaving. Eric was again such a sweetie and comforted me. That helped and we headed off to church. We enjoyed a really good sermon then had some yummy Panera Bread for lunch. They make the best comfort food! We ran some errands, came back to the house, took care of some chores then I had a successful tutoring lessong with my sister-in-law. At 8 p.m. I called my mom and fell asleep while on the phone. At that point I knew I was done and got some shut eye.
*Today, Eric has been SIIIIIICK. He never gets sick so this was a shock to both he and I. Poor Baby! I think he actually thought he was dying. Since he never falls ill he doesn't really know that some of his symptoms are normal for a virus and that he will soon be well. He came home from work, I took care of him but then had to head off to work. A few hours into the work day, Eric called me saying he needed me to take him to the dr. After the dr. visit and a few visits to the pharmacy, Love is resting on the couch, happily watching "The Simpsons."
WHAT A WEEK!!! Now that the bland recap is done and over with, expect some great posts about the upcoming holidays, yummy recipes, plenty of pics, and even more! STAY TUNED! :-)

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