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Friday, July 27, 2012

Dollar Bin Diva: Fabric Tote Bag turned Fabulous

Hello, World! HAPPY FRIDAY!!! This week I am giving a little twist to Dollar Bin Diva by doing a makeover. What is life without a little variety? ;-) I snagged this fabric tote for 3 buck-a-roo's (at Target, of course) and fell in love! A big fabric tote like this comes in handy for all sorts of occasions: picnics, roadtrips, school, groceries, work, etc. This particular one is great because it easily folds up and is secured by a clasp. That is one things I often find irritating about other reusable bags is getting them to fold up nicely when not being used. Although, I love this, I probably should have waited a few days to get a better deal. Kicking myself for not waiting till this lovely was half off, I decided to lift my spirits by doing a little upgrade to the bag!

The fantastic before.....
With a few spare rosettes from this project, some discount ribbon from Hobby Lobby, and a little paint, I took this simple gray bag to fabulous in a matter of minutes.

The even better after!
 Here is what I did:

* Bought a cheap stencil from Wal-Mart, taped it on, and sponged on some white paint. It isn't perfect and that is fine with me. I still love the end result!
* Cut ribbon to size and hot glued along the thread line (front and back.)
* Glued on remaining rosettes.

Tadah! It was just that easy! I can't wait till I can use this out & about but in the meantime I am going to use it store my travel pillows.

Snug as a bug in a rug!
It is projects like this one that show you really can make the ordinary, every day items more unique with not spending an arm and a leg. You just need to get out there and give it a whirl! You might be surprised what you come up with! :-)

Find any great deals lately?? Or have you done any fun upgrades to a normally plain item? Share with the class! Until next time, HUGS AND KISSES....

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