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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Kale Fail

High on fat burning endorphins one day, I attempted to make the ultimate, healthy, nutrient packed snack. You have probably seen these on tv, online, and in magazines! Heck, they are everywhere. They are always shown being consumed by healthy, chipper, glowing people. Said people are usually laughing, tossing these things back like candy or dipping them in a creamy Greek yogurt sauce. Kale chips. A superfood turned into a snack, tricking the masses into thinking these crispy, green, leafish bits can replace the almighty potato chip. Being one of the sheep in the flock, I followed. I washed, I dried and I seasoned. They went in like this....

They came out like this....

AH!!!! Not like the magazine cover kale chips at all. And the smell.....ugh! Don't even get me started on the smell. Quite a disappointment after I had envisioned being one of the aforementioned healthy, chipper, glowing people. Bummer. Maybe I will have better luck with seaweed chips?? Nah.

Have you tried making kale chips? Did they turn out better than my misfits?? What is the secret to this superfood snack?  UNTIL NEXT TIME, HUGS AND KISSES....


  1. my boyfriend and i tried to make them (he's a health professional so he's into this stuff) and they look just like what you did - and he can cook. i think it's a gimmick.


  2. Candace, I completely agree. I'm hoping my measley post lifts the veil off the world's eyes and makes them see that these are truly not the tasty gem they are made out to be. Haha Have a happy 4th!