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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Dollar Bin Diva: Travel Pillows

Once again, I found myself meandering through the dollar section at Target. I know, I know but I couldn't stop checking it out even if I wanted's like a gravitational pull or something. Why fight it? Plus, I think it's my let the masses know of the savings surrounding them. Which, in that case, you're welcome. :-)

Monday was my first trip (yep....first) and I saw some simple gray travel pillows. I instantly wanted them! They would be perfect for our van. Yeah, we are a young couple, no kids....driving a mini-van. WHOOO! We know how to have a good time. Reason for wanting them, particularly in the van, is because we do like taking roadtrips and we want to be comfy. A few months ago we took a LONG day trip up to Grand Rapids to see Dave Ramsey Live with some friends. Toward the end of the journey home, everyone was exhausted. I was driving and I remember feeling so bad because they were all trying to find ways to get comfy and rest. Then & there I resolved to get some travel pillows. Imagine my elation when I saw those suckers sitting in the bins for a buck!

Although drawn to the pillows, I waited. This turned out to be a good idea because Thursday (yep...2nd trip) I stopped by and they were 50% off making them....wait for it.....50 cents a piece!! 50 CENTS!!! It's not like travel pillows are some uber expensive, luxury item anyway but who is going to turn down 50 flippin' cents? Not this girl. I scooped up several. The cashier probably thought I was insane. Either thinking I had a million children, which, if she saw my mode of transportation, she might be even more convinced OR that I was a hoarder with a taste for slumber related paraphernalia. At this point, neither of those are true....yet. Gray was my color of choice but they only had green and pink. Love those colors but I had really wanted something more subdued. But don't you worry, I have some BIG plans for these pillows. Say what?!?

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Be sure to follow up to see what I have up my sleeve for these travel pillows! You may be thinking, "What will she do? Spray paint them? Bedazzle them?? Rip them open and save the stuffing for a Christmas project?" Only one way to find out.  Wish me luck as I try to tackle this project! I'll be entering some unknown territory for this one.

That was my dollar bin find. What was yours? Share with the class. Until next time, HUGS AND KISSES....

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