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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Patriotic Oreo Pop Bouquet

Happy {early} 4th Of July!! This is one of my favorite holidays. I have the best memories of the 4th! Thinking of those that have and do serve our great country, swimming, cookouts, spending time with family & friends, and of course fireworks. It is a day that is uniquely American and heart warming!

As much as I love the holiday, I work in retail and some years I am stuck in a store when I would rather be out enjoying the awesomeness! This year is one of those years (thus the early post). I do have a family party to attend and I am hoping I will make it for at least the end (fingers crossed). I love my co-workers. I have a great job. But neither of those things are consolations to me when I think of all the awesome fun I could be having. Plus being stuck at work deprives me of my inner Martha Stewart being able to go all out, baking & decorating and spreading 4th of July cheer to all. So how did I satisfy "Martha" this year and squeeze making a holiday treat into an already hectic schedule? I....

1. Picked up double stuff Oreos and dipping chocolate at the grocery on the way home.
2. Pulled out candy sticks (???) and holiday sprinkles I already had along with ribbon, tissue paper, and a thrift store hurricane glass
3. Stuck those Oreos with a tiny drop of the chocolate as "glue." Dipped them in said "glue" and placed on pan lined with foil (I'd recommend wax/parchment paper if you have it...I didn't) then sprinkled them like there is no tomorrow.
4. Filled the hurricane with tissue paper (one piece crumpled and placed in bottom for base & height then another piece fluted to make it look pretty). I then started placing the Oreo pops all around, one layer at a time. Between each layer I added some tissue paper because that added height and texture. Once I was happy with the overall look, I took some American flags I got at the Target dollar bin a few weeks ago and placed them around the pops. For a final touch I took some scrap ribbon and tied it around the hurricane vase.

This took me all of a half hour because the chocolate dried pretty quickily. I only paid for the cookies and chocolate because I had everything else on hand....even though I had no plan. All I was really thinking of doing was making the Oreo pops. I sort of just "shopped" my home to make it work. Anyone can do this! Get creative! I have used that ribbon for Christmas and Valentine's day. The tissue paper came from my Christmas wrapping box. The hurricane vase was holding a dollar store candle in my kitchen till I cleaned it out and stuffed it with the tissue paper. This is a great example of making the simple a little more special. Have fun with it and just give it a try. Maybe you love what you come up with and maybe you don't but you won't really know till you give it a shot. I have total faith in all of you. :-)

I hope you all enjoy a great holiday with those you love and maybe, while you are watching fireworks, you can snack on these easy, delicious treats! Until next time, HUGS AND KISSES....

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