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Monday, July 23, 2012

No Sew Pillow Cover

Happy Monday, Everyone!! Normally this is my Color of the Week day but the product I used today was such a nightmare I couldn't dare show you. Worry not! A fab new shade should be popping up here on the ol' blog in a few days. In the meantime, feast your eyes on this! KA-POW!

You might remember the pillows to your left from this post. Yep, the pillows on the right are the very same. I loved the fact that I found these for only 50 cents but I did not love the colors. Correction, I liked the colors just not the material. Crapalicious but I can't complain when I practically paid nothing.  So I set out to Hobby Lobby, armed with a 40% off coupon, for something different. Tons of options were at my disposal but I chose a simple, gray jersey. Jersey is fantastic because it is so soft and comfy (perfect for a pillow, don't ya' think?) AND it doesn't fray which was even better for what I had in mind. Not a natural with a needle or sewing machine I am always drawn to making it appear that I am otherwise. An optical illusion, if you will. Once I had the material in hand I honestly had no clue how I was going to cover these. I google'd it, I youtube'd it but all to no avail. Finally, this morning, I had had it! I wanted to start (and finish) this project of mine. I went in blindly, totally wingin' it, but came out super happy with the end result. Let me tell ya', if I can do this so can you! Just follow these easy steps. :-)

I recommend jersey material because of it's versatility.
This becomes your cord to tie the ends.

At this point, have the side of the fabric you want showing facing upward.

I love these little velcro stickers! They come in very handy for a variety of projects.

I did sew a little here....I know, I know. The title says "no sew." You can totally skip this step. I did this on only one pillow because of my aversion to a needle and thread. From here on out hot glue is the way for me! ;-)

LAST STEP: HAVE FUN!!! I shopped my house and used spare ribbon and leftover scraps of fabric to make little rosettes. Bling the pillows out to whatever your taste might be! I just put thin lines of hot glue over the "hem", placed a ribbon over and went from there but you can do it completely different if you want to which is what makes a project like this wonderful! :-)
All in all, I am pretty happy with these! I paid around $8 for this project (pillows + fabric) because I had most of it already. I have a few flowers left which I am itching to use. Maybe they will make an appearance soon?? ;-)

Was this tutorial helpful? What is a go-to method you use to give an optical illusion? Until next time, HUGS AND KISSES....

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